GIULIA DE APPOLONIA based Officina di Architettura in 2014 after twenty years of professional experience both alone and in partnership, in Italy and abroad, aiming to create a compact but very dynamic and reactive structure in relation to different stimulation of contemporary living .

Despite a current trend which increasingly interprets architecture as a discipline intended to determine the image of the building and not its substance, she believe that the central role of the architect is to direct and coordinate the various disciplines that contribute to the design of a building.

This way you are able to achieve a highly valued result simultaneously along the technical, aesthetical and spatial dimensions.

This coordinator role necessarily relies on the ability and intelligence to fill and grasp the existing conditions, to “listen” in silence to the site, history, people and engineers, and to produce a 360 degree response.

This focus and projection on the end-user distinguish architecture from any other artistic discipline.

Officina di Architettura is mainly engaged in projects of small and medium-scale looking to keep the control of each passage of the project developement and construction.